Shipping Abroad

Customs and Taxes

We ship from God's Own County- Yorkshire- The new home of El Loco.

We had major problems with our first batch due to the changes in Customs & Import Duties thanks to Brexit. 

Customs and import duties are not included in our shipping and item prices and is the responsibility of the buyer to pay.

Brexit has caused changes in the way products are sold from the UK to the EU and some orders may be subject to import duties.

These import duties are not charges from El Loco Gnome as a company, they are charges from local government and are not included in our shipping and product prices. Please consult your country’s import polices for more details.

The situation keeps changing regarding Brexit, we’ve had communication yesterday that suggests from 1 July there will be a simpler and cheaper way to send goods to the EU.

Essentially the client (you) will just pay for the shipping and self-serve your own VAT liability.

It will eradicate carrier handling charges as they won’t be doing it. We’re working our way through it but it looks like this will stop annoying additional charges on items less than 150 Euros in value.

It may take a while to find you but we hope you enjoy El Loco living in your house or garden.


All the El Loco Gnome