The El Loco Gnome-Back in Stock!

Original El Loco Gnome is back in stock & check out our Limited Edition Crouching version!

See below for Full Details!

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El Loco Gnome: Marcelo Bielsa Inspired Model for Your Garden and Home

El Loco Gnome Batch 3 is now available!

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Limited Edition: Crouching El Loco Gnome

Crouching Marcelo Bielsa Gnome Buy Now- Limited Edition
For Your Garden: Marcelo Bielsa Inspired Gnome Header

For Your Garden

Made out of Polyresin, MB has been designed to withstand Rain or Shine.

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For Your Home: Marcelo Bielsa Inspired Gnome

For Your Home

The El Loco Gnome has been designed to be kept inside or out. It is heavy enough with withstand wind but not heavy enough to mark any surfaces.

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For Your Office: Marcelo Bielsa Inspired Gnome

For Your Office

Let MB overlook your working day.


I keep looking at it. I think it’s ace.



Kev Field- Hot Foot Power Guitarist

That's Exceptional!

T.J. Hanks