About The El Loco Gnome


The idea of the El Loco Gnome was thought up in HELL..(Ikea in Leeds) on the day of the Barnsley home game in the title run in.  

With Leeds heading for the Championship title and the creator about to finally get on the property ladder, a tribute to the manager who was to end 16 years of misery was needed for his new garden. 

Work began on The EL Loco Gnome the next day. It has since taken 5 months of work to get it right and looking like a perfect likeness to MB.

The prototype was shown to fellow Leeds supporters and the feedback was second to none with The Gnome handed around like a new born baby and many wanting their own. 

A limited amount of the hand painted Gnomes have been put into production and all being well will be ready for shipping on 18 December- with them reaching you prior to Christmas.

Full updates will be provided on social media.

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